Street Children

The Prevalence, Abuse & Exploitation of Street Children

How You Can Help


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To help reduce the prevalence of and exploitation of Street Children, check out this brief list of organizations that are working towards these goals and possibly support their efforts either financially or through active participation.  Always research an organization and solicit advice from friends or colleagues before sending money.

Consortium for Street Children is a global alliance that exists to be the global voice of street children and ensure their rights to services, resources, care and opportunities are met.  They create powerful links between organisations, activists and policy makers around the world who are addressing the needs and rights of street children, providing advocacy, capacity building, shared learning and research.

Street Kids Direct reaches out to children and youth living on the streets and builds relationships and trust with them. They seek to provide support and encouragement in leaving the streets, working with project-partners to identify children and families at risk of taking to the streets, and supporting them in finding solutions to challenges that don't involve the streets

War Child works to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children living through conflict, going to the hardest to reach places to support those who are hardest hit, aiming to be there for children who need them most, when they need them most

Railway Children meets immediate needs of children on the streets. Their outreach workers go out on the streets to find vulnerable children before an abuser can. They also work to change the perceptions of local communities, making children on the streets visible to their communities with an understanding of how they came to be there.  They use research, expertise and strong relationships with key individuals and departments to influence policy makers and leverage government support.