Prof. Martin Patt

Professor Emeritus, University of Mass-Lowell


Prof. Martin Patt was born in Medford, Massachusetts and was raised nearby in a working class neighborhood in Malden, just a stone’s throw from the original Converse Rubber Company factory on Pearl Street.  As a boy, he helped in his father’s business, Patt’s Variety Store, where he rubbed elbows daily with factory workers and their families.  This produced an abiding respect for the workingman who was struggling to support his family and make ends meet.  Later in life, Prof. Patt founded the Patt Special Fund, a philanthropic entity that he set up to honor his parents, Abraham and Sarah Patt A”H, through charitable giving.

At the University of Mass in Lowell, over a span of four decades, Prof. Patt taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate subjects in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics.  He contributed to the creation of UMASS-Lowell's Introduction to Engineering - Basic Computer Skills Course and authored the classic Freshman Computer Skills Manual.

Prof. Patt's research was devoted to the development of independent learning tools for use with very large classes supported by minimum staff.  Other research interests included Application-Based Computer Language Efficiency, Processing of Large Data Streams, and the Empirical Development of Aircraft Antennas and Antenna Arrays.

During his last few years at UML, Prof. Patt managed a friendly “Challenge” on the web featuring problems of math and logic.  In retirement, he follows his varied interests with passion, one of which was the creation and maintenance of four educational websites that serve as resources for college students and others who are investigating Human Trafficking, Torture, Street Children and/or Child Prostitution in their respective countries.  These content-packed sites focus on the four problems country-by-country, thereby contributing to their solution by encouraging broad-scale awareness through education.

Prof. Patt has been a major contributor to local Jewish day schools, high schools and colleges in Greater Boston.  He is a member of the Heritage Society of the Hillel Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, the Legacy Society of Brandeis University and the Katharine Dexter McCormick Society of M.I.T.  He has served on the Board of Directors of Congregation Beth Israel of Malden and on the Board of Trustees of the CBI Ruderman Fund.

Prof. Patt is a graduate of Northeastern University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a member of Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, and Sigma Xi Societies.  He is devoted to his family, to his friends, and to the success of his students, and still looks forward to a time when men will look beyond their immediate self-interests, and will support one another and live in peace.